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Our job is to save you money
on health and protection insurance
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Paying too much for your health and protection insurance?
Avoid the hassle and let us do the hard work. It’ll save you cash and heaps of time.

If you’re fed up with your current provider or considering a new policy, we’d love to chat.

A friendly, Worcestershire broker, we help savvy SMEs get a better deal for insurances such as health, life, and critical illness.

You’ll see the bigger picture with our FREE ‘whole market’ review.
Don’t be fleeced, let’s get you a better deal.
Why choose Thrive Insurance?
You could pick up the phone to many different brokers. So, why should Thrive make your shortlist? If you’re in Worcestershire or the surrounding counties, you might welcome a local relationship, but we reckon it’s more than that.
Putting you first
Our FREE ‘whole market’ review does the number crunching for you. Not biased towards one provider we focus on the right deal for you. Working hard for SMEs, it’s why countless happy clients stick with us.
Our ‘thing’ is health and
You might have all your insurance with one broker, but nobody is a specialist in every area. Granted, they can sell you a policy, but is it right for you and the best price? At Thrive, we ONLY talk ‘whole market’ health and protection insurance for SMEs.
We understand SMEs
You’re probably the business owner or MD. You’ll have much more to handle than insurance. We understand your pressures on time and budget, so we help every way we can. For example, call us in the evening or at the weekend if that’s easier.
No call centre, just
our people
Joining a call centre queue or speaking to someone with limited knowledge is annoying. When you phone or email Thrive, you’ll speak directly with us – the people who’ll secure your policy and support you from start to finish. And beyond.
We deal with ALL leading
Every leading provider will consider your policy requirements. Not just AXAPPP and BUPA. Everyone. Only by doing so can you enjoy the best policy and the lowest price. Even online comparison sites cannot achieve what we do. Put us to the test!
We help with pre-existing
It’s a myth that all pre-existing conditions stop you switching insurance providers. We’ve saved many clients huge sums. Tell us your situation and see what we can do. You might be pleasantly surprised.
We’re on your side
It can sometimes get tough if you need to make a claim. And when it’s health or protection insurance, life’s probably complicated enough. You don’t want to jump through hoops to get the help you need.

You’ll welcome having us on your side. Fighting your corner, we’ll intervene and support you all the way. Thrive never leave you high and dry – that’s a promise.
It pays dividends to have knowledgeable friends.
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